Become a Member

Membership is much more than about giving a nominal sum of money to subscribe.

Riverlink gives you the option of two kinds of membership. You can become a website member or a financial member.

Website members can login to our member’s section and find a world of information, support materials, interesting ideas and things to do. We ask that you give us your email address and postcode to become a website member so that we can better allocate our funding and resources in future. Riverlink will never use your email address to send you ‘spam’ emails and we will not disclose it to anyone else.

Financial members of Riverlink have the same access to information as website members and also are able to vote on board decisions at the Annual General Meeting and apply to sit on the board. Financial membership costs only $5.50 to cover the cost of processing information should you wish to be more involved.

Riverlink is an incorporated organisation, and accordingly financial members annually elect members to the board of governance and receive board reports.