Weekday Club Programs for Social & Community Participation

Day programs for adults with disabilities provide community access for young adults and adults and are aged 18 to 64 years. Activities take place on every weekday and each program runs for 6 hours.

Day programs are a great way for young adults and adults to meet other people and make friends. You have the opportunity to visit places in and around Sydney, all while still receiving the support you need. It helps you to develop skills in communication and independence all while having fun doing new activities.

Here are just some of the activities our groups do each week:

  • Relaxing at music therapy
  • 10 Pin Bowling or barefoot bowls
  • Enjoying ferry trips to beautiful Sydney locations
  • Visiting wildlife parks or pet therapy such as dog walking
  • Enjoying fish and chips at the beach
  • Eating a picnic lunch or having a BBQ at a lovely park
  • Exploring events like the Sydney International Boat Show
  • Outdoor exercise like bike riding or swimming
  • Playing Aqua Golf or Mini Golf
  • Seeing what is new at Sydney’s Museums and Art Galleries
  • Having a go at indoor rock climbing and, best of all, being with some friends for a few hours.

For more information about our day programs for adults with disabilities, contact our team at Riverlink Disability Support today!