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Our disability support team is passionate about assisting people living with a disability in developing valuable life skills. Through a range of activities, the Riverlink team can help you achieve your NDIS goals.

We Can Help With
  • Transport, enabling you to access your community and join in with leisure and recreation activities, such as sporting or exercise activities, artistic and musical programs.
  • Facilitating and supporting disability social groups and interaction, to help you meet new people and make and keep friends.
  • Communicating with your friends, family and peers. We can also assist with behaviour support.
  • Helping you make choices which will assist you in your daily life and routine.
  • Assisting you in your own home as you learn new skills in preparation for living a more independent life. This may include including personal grooming and hygiene; meal preparation; scheduling activities and appointments such as the doctor and dentist; using household appliances and electronic equipment; managing your money and helping to balance your budget; and much more.

Riverlink Disability Support Staff

Our staff are highly skilled and they are passionate about helping you achieve your goals. They are trained in all aspects of assisting people with disability to make choices, interact with others and to participate in activities of their choosing.
To register your interest in our Living Skills Assistance program, contact the Disability Support Services team today on 02 9638 0999 or by filling out our contact form.

Riverlink is NDIS registered and has a reputation for providing outstanding staff for participants. Riverlink complies with all relevant legislation as well as obtaining Third Party verification for the NSW Disability Services Standards and has gained Accreditation to the Australian Standards in the areas of Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems and Quality Management Systems [AS/NZS 4801- 2001 and AS/NZS ISO 9001-2008].

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