In Home and 1 to 1 Support

For people living with a disability, the families and Carers use in-home disability support from Riverlink for a variety of reasons.

If your answer is “yes” to any of the following questions, in-home disability support may be of benefit to you or your family.

  • Would my family member with a disability like an afternoon, weekend or block of time doing something different outside the family?
  • Do we need a break from each other?
  • Would my family member with a disability like a break to do something for him/herself?
  • Do I need some time to organise and attend appointments?
  • Do I worry that there may not be anyone to care for my family member with a disability if an emergency arises?
  • Am I feeling tired and burnt out, badly in need of a holiday or a rest?
  • Do I avoid going out because I feel I am imposing on other people to care for my family member?
  • Is it important to me to spend quality time with my partner and my other children or would I like to have a break to do something for myself?

In-home disability support is a way a participant can have a break from their normal routine. This break may come in various forms such as a holiday, a weekend away or something different to do on a Saturday afternoon. This type of support can provide positive outcomes and different experiences, such as the opportunity to develop new contacts, visit different places and encourage a broader range of friendships.

In-home support also provides families and Carers with a temporary break from the responsibilities of caring for a person with a disability – a break from routine. Many families regard in-home support as the most important source of support in sustaining the family unit.

Help with achieving your NDIS Goals

For people living with a disability, the support Riverlink provides will assist in the development of valuable life skills, and we can help you achieve your NDIS goals including:

  • Support to access your community for participating in leisure and recreation, such as sporting or exercise activities, artistic and musical programs
  • Facilitate and support you with activities in your home
  • Transport to and from any activities you choose to participate in
  • Assist with ways to communicate with family, friends and your supporters including sign language
  • Assist with behaviour support programs
  • Help to make choices to assist you with your daily life and routine
  • Specialised support with items that have been provided to you to help you such as mobility aids, hoists, electric wheelchairs, communication devices
  • Medication administration and tube/peg feeding
  • Skills assistance in your home to help you to lead a more independent life, including personal grooming and hygiene; meal preparation; scheduling activities and appointments such as the doctor and dentist; using household equipment; and much more.

Riverlink Staff

Our staff are skilled members of our team and want to help you achieve your goals. They are motivated and trained in all aspects of assisting people with disability to make choices and to participate in activities of their choosing. Contact one of our staff members today for more information about In-Home and Individual Support.

Riverlink is NDIS registered and has a reputation for providing outstanding staff for participants. Riverlink complies with all relevant legislation as well as obtaining Third Party verification for the NSW Disability Services Standards and has gained Accreditation to the Australian Standards in the areas of Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems and Quality Management Systems [AS/NZS 4801- 2001 and AS/NZS ISO 9001-2008].