Strategic Directions


Our Vision

A society that values and includes people with a disability and Carers to live fulfilling lives.


Our Purpose

Supporting people with a disability and their Carers by providing a choice of relevant services that enable participation and inclusion in society.


Our Values

Honesty and Integrity

Respect and Courtesy



Our Principles

We believe in:
• identifying and responding to individual needs.
• focussing on activities that make a difference.
• planning for and adapting to address needs.
• liaising with organisations and the broader community.
• being accountable and continually improving our performance.
• planning and delivering a professional service.


Our Services

• Community access
• Social and recreational activities
• Information and planning
• Individual and group activities
• Personal and social skill development
• Respite


Three Major Focus Areas

For the next two years we will focus on three major areas:


Effective and efficient processes
– Embed and integrate changes brought about by the implementation of NDIS


– Focus our practice on participant goals and needs


Improved quality of performance
    – Continuously improve the delivery of service